Raspberry Pi Boards

2019-07-23 0 By Tim

A collection of electronic boards for hobby projects. Includes Analog to Digital converters, Servo controllers, and LED strips.

Miscellaneous Boards

Logic Level Converter, bi-directional, x10
bi-directional, x5
74AHCT125 level converter chip DIN
MCP23017 IO Expansion Board I2C $8link
PCF8574 PCF8574T IO Expansion Board $7link
Adafruit FT232H – General Purpose USB to GPIO+SPI+I2C$15link
PCA9685 (16 Channel 12-bit PWM) Servo Motor Driver Board
PiJuice – Battery project$68link
SenseHat – Orientation, Temperature, Humidity project$38link
SunFounder Holder Breadboard with GPIO T-board (owned)$13link

Raspberry Pi Kits and Wiring Diagrams and Software

Since the hard part of Raspberry Pi projects is the integration of software to hardware (e.g. the wiring), below are some hardware kits that provide software, but more importantly, provide wiring diagrams for the software.

SunFounder Electronics Fun Kit with 1602 LCD (.pdf on cd)
Uses standard python RPi.GPIO library.
Freenove Super Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi (github)
Includes GPIO extension T-board.
Uses non-standard python ‘Processing Development
Environment’ (PDE) and library.
JANSANE 16×2 1602 LCD blue I2C, 2 pack
I2C (4 wire) integrated with 1602. Uses smbus library.

LED Strips.

Density: 30-per-meter versus 60-per-meter. WS2812 versus WS2801 versus WS2811. Raspberry pi only has 1 PWM output – so cannot play sounds and control the strip at the same time. Note that GPIO Pin 18 is “magical”, not “arbitrary”.

WS2812 RGB Tutorial
WS2812 NeoPixel Raspberry Pi
WS2812B NeoPixel Adafruit CircuitPython
Neopixel showing diode wiring
5050 versus 3528link
60/Meter – 1M – Alitove, WS2812B$11link
60/Meter – 5M – Chinly, WS2812B waterproof
60/Meter – 1M – Chinly, WS2812B waterproof (owned)
60/Meter – 5M .- Alitove, WS2812B waterproof
30/Meter – 5M – Chinly, WS2812B$21link
Power – Alitove 5V 10A, with terminal connector
Power – Alcorol 5V 10A, with terminal connector (owned)
Power – Alitove Cage 5V 20A, fanless$19link
Connectors – 5050, 3Pin, 10mm$13link

LED 12V instead of 5V – $21 – link project. Uses PiGPIO – “hardware timed PWM on all GPIO 0-31. link. Next

Sensor Kit – Elegoo EL-KIT-000 37-in-1 for Arduino ($23, 2019/Jan). Amazon Link. Instructables Link.

Sensor Kit KeyStudio $50 (wiringPi library, C) Amazon Link. Manual Link.

USB-C (Preparing for Raspberry Pi 4)

USB-C to USB-A, 6 feet, “recommended”$13link
USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter, “recommended”$10link


OLED I2C 12864 128×64 Yellow Blue SSD1306 Driver $7link project

Miscellaneous Links

UPS UPS article